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It is not a usual lunch or dinner, not just a moment of goliardery with friends or relatives. Wine tasting is a moment of appreciation, of study and comparison. Wine is at the center of this meeting, as the protagonist of a movie, and it is observed, interviewed and analyzed by enthusiasts of the sector.

The Natoli family has always been closely linked with the world of wine.

Since their childhood, the Natoli brothers, Fabio and Marco, have been used to see demijohns and wine barrels in their maternal grandfather’s house, understanding the importance of wine at the table as an accompaniment to the granny’s most delicious lunches.

Obviously, they could not taste it at the time, but they could observe how the wine softened the spirits and made everyone more friendly. That is why they remember, after a few years, the essentiality of a good wine in the kitchen.

From this memory comes the passion for the wine, such a big passion they decided to dedicate the heart of their restaurant to wine tastings.

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So, the Natoli Winery was established in 2018. It is the meeting point for wine lovers who, in the heart of Cefalù, want an exclusive and charming Renaissance-style place for their private tastings.

The winery collects the most important wines of Sicilian tradition, such as Occhipinti, Cos, Donnafugata, Viola, Montalto, Girolamo Russo, Guelfi and Cusumano, and also new wines or niche productions that meet needs of the most refined and expert palates.

The winery can house up to four people around a majestic wooden table.

The room reserved for tastings is very suggestive and can become the perfect location for couples that look for intimacy and privacy during their dinner.

Our specialty is to turn the tasting into a moment of romantic encounter: we can choose the music track for you, or give you free access to our tablet for music selection, or welcome you with a floral tribute on the table upon your arrival.

Natoli Winery is the right place to amaze your other half.


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